Normally, I would say someone planned to crush Usain Bolt’s legs to sabotage his career, but it is clearly evident that the cameraman accidentally crashed into the world’s fastest runner.

As soon as his hoverboard bumped into a side rail it spun out of control in the same direction as Usain like a twist of fate or rather, fast lightning, no one saw coming.

Why men find thinner women attractive, scientists say | Daily Mail Online

Scientists say men find thinner women attractive, but they didn’t specify whether the men were thin or overweight and what nationality.

In some cultures thin women are ostracized as being too skinny, so these results may not be too accurate.

According to Daily Mail….

Men find thinner women attractive because they associate their body shape with youth, fertility and a lower risk of disease, according to a study by the University of Aberdeen. Read full story here. Very interesting read.

THE PERFECT GUY MOVIE TRAILER Starring Sanaa Lathan and bad Guy Michael Ealy Gets An Oscar Buzz

Even though The Perfect Guy Movie, starring Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy rolls in this September during the most dismal month for box office sales. With back to school sales parents are spent out and college students are already in route to the bookstore to spend thousands for books, I predict success at the box office for The Perfect Guy.

The audience that could possibly pull off record chart topping sales for a strong themed movie designed around excessive obsession are the females who adore Michael Ealy and the Hip Hop community who caught a glimpse of Sanaa Lathan toting French Montana around town.

FETTY WAP Kills Rap Game With 3 Billboard Chart Topping Hits at Same Time

Fetty Wap is so bad, he’s good! He sings out of tune on purpose, by accident and for some reason everyone loves this kid’s style and flow. Maybe the rapper is just different and an alternative for Hip Hop lovers from America to Africa who would rather listen to Fetty Wap then a sleuth of rappers who once dominated radio.

music has really changed and its connecting with the youth who are actually listening to the lyrics and not just the beat. It’s scandalous music for the socially unconscious. Not even Drake has as many crazy hits in the TOP 25 right now.

Drake called out the rappers out there and Fetty Wap has responded and on fire. Check out the music that no one can stop. My head is aching right now, but I can’t even stop listening to Fetty Wap.

10 Things Parents Can Learn About a Bear Family’s Invasion of Pool

If you were glued to the most viral video of the week of a mama bear and her 5 cubs swimming and playing in a family’s backyard, your not alone.

It’s very rare anyone sees an entire family of bears risking their lives to have this much fun. It’s not like they were looking for food. The entire family immediately knew to play on the slide, swim in the pool and sway on the swing. Perhaps, they had been watching children play from a distance. Like bullies, they all jumped the fence and proceeded to destroy everything within site.

It would have been wrong for the family watching the bear to shoot the bears, but they had no chill zone. Suppose if the kids had a sleepover party outside with sleeping bags. They would have been mauled.


Heather Haliah aka Miss Disilgold shares her beauty soul secrets to feeling confident, renewed, motivated to achieve one’s deepest soul desires and beautiful everyday in pursuit to complete joy.

The author of God’s 24 Hour Makeover attests that ‘Many people settle for things in life that don’t really bring them joy,’ in an open letter to her poetry fans.


A reporter by the name of Bryce Williams aka Vester Flanagan, fatally shot  two beloved co-workers live on air at WDBJ7-TV in Virginia. Supposedly, he became enraged when he was fired from his job.

Not only did WDBJ7-TV escort the veteran news reporter from the building where he worked, but they replaced his job with the young 24 year old reporter, Allyson Parker, who was having an affair with the camera man and whom he reported for making a racist comment.

Vester Flanagan took to his Twitter to share the footage of his murderous massacre  and upload his account to ABC NEWS on why he  killed the young reporter and camera man before taking his own life in a rented car. He claims, Parker  tormented and mocked him with racial slurs and was hired.

FLASH BOYS  AUTHOR Discusses ‘Is the U.S. stock market rigged?’ – CBS News

According to 2. 1 trillion has been erased from U.S. stocks in 6 days. Could someone have rigged the stock market for personal gain, and if so, who is it?

Steve Kroft reports on a new book from Michael Lewis that reveals how some high-speed traders work the stock market to their advantage.


Miss Disilgold -‘Nicki Minaj happily paid for her brother’s wedding’ | Page Six

‘The ‘Anaconda’ singer refused to steal the spotlight of the special occasion.’

How could PAGE SIX say that Nicki Minaj refused to steal the spotlight.

The gorgeous rapper from Queens showed up as the Lady is in Red at her brother’s wedding!

She looked stunning and so did her mother who is a bonafide knockout without even trying.

Nicki’s brother has got to be the luckiest guy in the world. His big sis paid over 50,000 for the wedding according to our sources which is a high end ballpark figure for most weddings and truly a nice thing she did for her fam.

Wiz Khalifa: I was restrained for riding a hoverboard –

According to,

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is claiming his use of a “Back to the Future”-esque hoverboard got him in big trouble with customs in Los Angeles.

Source: Wiz Khalifa: I was restrained for riding a hoverboard –

The multi-millionaire music artist kept repeating with a very calm tone, ‘I am not resisting sir,’ over 5 times while a  250 pound cop had his knee lodged in his back screaming and repeatedly saying ‘ Stop resisting.’ Not once did the cop take time to listen to what the rapper was saying which could have been the words, ‘I can’t breathe.’ His rights were clearly violated. You can see  Wiz Khalifa was in no position to resist arrest.

LISTEN IN- Jay Tighe’s RED FLAG Song Would Be a Perfect Theme Song for Bachelor in Paradise – Season 2 Episode 5

Country Singer, Jay Tighe, has a gorgeous voice that will melt your heart.

His latest single, Red Flag, about love found and lost would make a perfect theme song for tomorrow’s episode of Bachelor’s in Paradise because I think Samantha is about to drop Joe’s azz and hook up with Nick.

This is some cold blooded chivalry for those of you who have been watching the show. Apparently, Joe was sparking a romance with Samantha way before this season. He actually manipulated Juliea before Samantha arrived and got the poor girl to give him a rose. He then dumped her for new girl, Samantha.