Disilgold.com Showdown- Michael Learns to Rock ‘CALL ON LOVE’ VS Beyonce’ – ‘HALO’

Contemporary band Michael Learns to Rock brings back all of their classic hits from over 25 years, but adds new single, CALL ON LOVE, which favors Beyonce’s Halo a little bit, but we love it and why we added it to Disilgold.com Music Showdown. Music artists cross, but fans decide the best music. Which one is your fav?

OH, MY! LEE DANIELS – Exposes Taraji P. Henson Twerking for Him and Labels Caption ‘SHE’S TROUBLED’?

She’s troubled … #deeplytroubledtoday #smh #iaintshitforthis @tarajiphenson

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Let’s hope this is all a publicity stunt to attract back viewers of the popular Empire tv series, but thus far, it seems like Lee Daniel’s was either giving viewers a glimpse of Taraji P. Henson’s new fit and trim body or shading the hell out of her. Who knows if he’s planning on killing off more characters and replacing them with perhaps, some reality tv stars. As the director of the hit tv show he could mix up a lot of things and the show might still pull in 21 million viewers from curiosity alone. Whatever the reason was for Lee Daniel’s posting this video we hope Taraji P. Henson made her audition and it was just a scene from the tv series.

If not, we all know now that she isn’t really acting in Cookie’s role which is ratchet , but who’s judging? And so, we got to as, ‘Would you twerk for your boss to get the leading role in a hit tv series?’

HEY CHRIS BROWN- Look at All the Men Chasing Karrueche Leaving the Club

when your song comes on but you leaving the club lmao @jryanjl

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Karrueche is really doing the most to either make CB jealous or move on, but it looks like tons of men are waiting in line. Maybe all the attention is coming from the fact that she is Chris Brown’s ex or maybe Karrueche is a star and would have been all along with or without CB. What do you think?

SNL Comedian New Member Sasheer Zamata Devastated by RIHANNA Shade

SNL’s comedian, Sasheer Zamata, went on record to say Rihanna and threw major shade at her during SNL 40’s Weekend Show.

The comedian did a drunken skit of Rihanna and frigid and disoriented dance number, but Rihanna didn’t seem amused upon giving Sasheer Zamata a lackluster hello after the reunion.

Thus far, the comedian has also poked fun at Michelle Obama, Beyonce’, Nicki Minaj and only doing her job as a comedian who has to put food on her table as well.

Maybe stars she is depicting should lighten up since it’s just comedy. It’s quite complimentary to be even chosen as a subject on the long running show which virtually ignores black culture and stars to their millions of viewers unless controversial by making light of their distinct characteristics.


Katy Perry seems to stand in a class all by herself. She just hit 1 billion views for Dark Horse despite not having a coke bottle shape Wendy Williams ragged her about. The wholesome real image may be the most preferred by music listeners proving it’s all about the music and artistry. Trailing not to far behind 1 billion views is her ROAR video. Go Katy. America’s IT GIRL!

WORLD PREMIERE FULL VIDEO- Feelin’ Myself + Miley Cyrus Already Rocked a Bulls Onesie Bodysuit like Beyonce’

Since Tidal plans on revealing exclusive videos to those who pay $240 a year for the streaming service, it looks like music lovers are just listening to what ever is available for free online and purchasing albums directly of artist’s music they love.

The exclusive features also, open the door for other artists with same entitled songs to gain publicity at Tidal’s expense.

Here is Will.i.am’s Feelin Myself version starring Miley Cyrus and it’s pretty hot. Her’s Miley Cyrus other video, Made it 23, where she rocks a BULL onsie bodysuit just like Beyonce’ does in Nicki Minaj ‘s Feelin’ Myself Duet poor people don’t have access to. And by poor we’re talking about middle class America with family and kid’s mouth to feed who just can’t afford all of the subscription luxuries.

CIARA- Strong arms Fans Again, Says Misery Loves Company

Ciara continues to get back at her critics with subliminal and revengeful messages. Her latest statement,’ Misery loves Company’ to those still dogging the artist for breaking up with Future and getting with a more financially secure NFL Baller isn’t half as bad as her,‘Life does go on, …clearly it has went on’ in response to 50 Cent nice comments about her on same radio show.

While Ciara doesn’t say anything bad, she continues to remain transparent in discussing issues and conflicts between herself and other artists…..She then preaches, ‘ She wants to spread love’ further dispelling her goodie two-shoes image. No wonder the girls of RNB don’t get along well with Ciara. She may indeed be a One Woman Show if she continues these antics.

She could have used this interview to promote her album, but got into her silly, childish preaching skit. No bueno. The singer confuses her supporters with fans. Not every fan is a supporter and they do say some petty stuff online, but rise above and snap out of it Ciara. Focus.

BOSS HOMES- Great Home but DRONE Friendly?

The Medallion House in Floreat, Western Australia Via @classysavant for more! Designed by Webb & Brown-Neaves

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This modern home looks great, but with those big drone friendly windows what privacy can you get unless your the type who enjoys being on display for the paparazzi.

There have been plenty of evasive videos posted of couples and folks leisurely relaxing in their homes published on sites like Huffington Post and they don’t even blur your face. Not to say there is anything wrong with skylights and open concept windows, but one should think about privacy when buying a home for sale on today’s market.