10 Beauty Trends to Redefine Your Beauty

Written by Miss Disilgold

Today’s woman is successful, super-organized, values her true friendships and relationships in life, and is all about her personal finances, fitness goals and family life. Keeping up with today’s beauty, fashion and fitness trends extends beyond daily rituals, but a must do for over all self-perseverance.

There is simply a lack of time for many  woman to perfect their beauty goals on the regular and why actually planning ‘ME’ time into one’s daily routines may be the best solution to improving one’s over all appearance.

BEN CARSON: I Laugh at My Own Pain for the Haters Who Want to See Me Fail

Presidential hopeful and  Republican candidate Ben Carson, may have just found out he was being used all along by the media who boosted him up, but are really  routing for  Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. He gives away big money and donations to corporate businesses. You would vote for him, too.

Donald Trump has contributed to so many people, it is evident that the results have paid off, literally and despite his hateful woman bashing comments a la Rosie Donnell.

Instead of playing up all of the other Republicans Trump media allies have falsely placed Ben Carson as his most opposing force on purpose, and  to cancel out all of the other Republicans. All you hear about are Ben Carson and Donald Trump. As a result, Donald is at the top of polls because those who are racist are really voting for Donald Trump. This is why the polls are so spilt. There is no way in hell a sane individual would side with Donald Trump who has made abusive comments about women. Any women who supports Donald Trump obviously doesn’t value her future.

Now that Trump media, and not to say the media is working for Donald, but sure are influenced by his billions and donations,  they have accomplished this full swing destruction mode of Ben Carson’s campaign in one day. I predicted this would happen and that he was only being used as a token in the eyes of media to help split and confuse the black vote. If you get some black people to vote for Ben Carson, this lessons Hillary’s chances and Donald wins.

MISS DISILGOLD.COM MUSIC HEATLIST- TOP 5 Sexy Rnb Songs By Male Artists- Jerimih, Chris Brown, Miguel, The Weeknd, Tyrese

The  TOP 5 Sexy Rnb Songs By Male Artists who made  Miss Disilgold.com Heatlist this week include-  Jerimih, Chris Brown, Miguel, The Weeknd, Tyrese. Check out the songs you should have on your personal playlist.

AMBER ROSE Breaks Down Over Exes Breakup Comments

Amber Rose evoked tears from women at her self-hosted Slut Shamming Walk after breaking down over her exes comments post break up. She claims she was only a virgin and fell in love with someone who took her on trips around the world, wined and dined her, and as a result, she became an overnight celebrity, but he commented he had to take 30 showers before getting with his new wife which badly hurt the ex stripper. You can only guess who?

She then went on to mention she fell in love with another rapper whom she bore a chid with, but when they broke up he also, had some commentary to say about her with supposed slut shamming remarks.

MICHAEL STRAHAN New Book Reaches Out to Wealthy Men Who Want to Wake Up Happy



Watch the Chemistry Between Ciara and Michael Strahan


Michael Strahan, co-host of Kelly & Michael Live pens new book, Wake Up Happy, landing October 13. The former NFL superstar wishes to find a woman who is not a gold digger or doesn’t just want him for his money.

Supposedly, his last divorce settlement cost him 30+ million. Is there a woman out there who doesn’t want Michael’s money?

Of course, with his looks he shouldn’t have to spend a dime, but paying off his next woman’s  woman’s bills would help sustain a great beginning and I think everyone in his household would wake up  really happy.

Seems like Michael’s new book is the next therapeutic guide for men with wealth who feel the same way.


[VIDEO ]TYRESE- Discusses EMPIRE Takeover With COMPLEX

Tyrese took home Reverend Al Sharpton’s Triumph Award for Entertainer of the Year as featured on TV ONE before performing his global hit, Shame.

He also, sits down with Complex Magazine to discuss his intentions as a newly casted love interest of Cookie on the hit Empire tv series. There is speculation that Tyrese, a true singer, could replace Terrence Howard’s role.


MEAGAN GOOD Stars in Minority Report Mondays on NBC

‘The future is coming. Based on the international blockbuster film by executive producer Steven Spielberg and the first of his films to be adapted for television, MINORITY REPORT follows the unlikely partnership between a man haunted by the future and a cop haunted by her past, as they race to stop the worst crimes of the year 2065 before they happen.

EMPIRE Feeling Domestic Abuse Advocates Pressure to Fire TERRENCE HOWARD

By 2020, almost 100 percent of women in and even not in relationships will experience domestic abuse whether verbally, physically, emotionally or mentally from relationships within the household or even outside the household on the streets, at work, public or private places. The global epidemic is increasing due to marginalized stereotypes against women due to age, size, color, religion and over all dominance of power in film, media, music  and all industries.

5 Reasons Why KANYE WEST Body Conscious Clothing Dons Mixed Reviews

According to Vogue Magazine, in regard to Kanye West revealing of  his Yeezy’s  flesh toned fashion line,

There were certainly enough flesh-toned body stockings to convey the notion of the pared-back-to-nothingness that is a Beecroft trademark. And for the show, 50 models of all shapes and sizes advanced in the serried military ranks that are another Beecroft signature in time to the sonorous electronic chords that are a staple of West’s latest sound.


Regardless, of the origination, source or inspiration of his clothing line, fashion industry insiders are buzzing an array of many things that might surprise the average fashion shopper like:

[VIDEO] VIOLA DAVIS Accepts Her 1st Emmy Award With Poignant Speech

Viola Davis repeats a poignant recollection of Harriet Tubman’s words, ” I can’t seem to get over that line,’ before stating that the only thing separating women of color is opportunity.’ She also, gives special thanks to those who paved the way for many to come to pave the line like Halle Berry, Kerry Washington, Meagan Good, Nicole Beharie and Gabrielle Union to name a few.

The struggle continues, but it’s wonderful to know that so many women of color who are not into self-defeating negativity are making paths of opportunity for each others and themselves.

[VIDEO]- MICHELLE OBAMA Breaks the Internet

Michelle Obama’s new quote, ‘Ladies pick books before boys’ is already trending throughout the nation since she last spoke in Harlem.

Talk show host Wendy Williams, also, highlighted another viral topic on Michelle Obama that broke the internet over the weekend. Check out a snapshot of Michelle Obama in her Vera Wang dress at the White House state dinner.

Maybe Mattel should consider  a Barbie Doll that looks like the FLOTUS, now a universal role model of beauty.