SCANDALOUS- Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe Heartbreakingly Dumps Nick at Last Minute

Sean, the chosen bachelor on the Bachelorette, was in his right mind when he questioned how could Kaitlyn have sexual relationships with dumped bachelor, Nick, and not tell him from the beginning. He really had doubts Kaitlyn was going to choose him.

Numerous slurs were aimed at Kaitlyn online for sleeping with other bachelors. Clearly, she should not have had relations with someone she wasn’t going to choose. She may not be any different from your average guy who tests all the waters before proposing to the one. You just don’t say you love the guy whom you had a sexual relationship with and cold dump him. It’s situations like this that can get a person into trouble. Kaitlyn even revealed that she got death threats for sleeping with Bachelors and leading the other men on.

She wound up choosing Sean, but Nick got a chance to confront Kaitlyn face-to-face after getting dumped a second time on the season finale of the Bachelorette and question how could she say she loved him and even dump him at the last minute. It was pretty brutal, but Nick handled all like a sport.

With questionable beginnings there are always shaky endings on the Bachelorette shows, and we just aren’t sure that Kaitlyn and Sean will be together for long,and not that we don’t think their dramatic love connection was anything less than romantic.

ALL LIVES MATTER PEOPLE – Agitating Cops is Not the Way

So a young boy was intoxicated at a Black Lives Matter protest that may not have had a permit to assemble. Any obstruction in the streets can delay everyday people from getting to work, deter cops from catching criminals, and cause unduly harm to innocent bystanders who have to pass by a situation.

The cops did not harm the boy and nor did the boy protest. When a person is arrested they are handcuffed plain and simple. Additionally from breaking the law and drinking in public from a cup he showed signs of necessary medical attention which may have saved his life. It is not uncommon for arrested individuals to be escorted to the hospital in handcuffs. The boy was released to his parents the same day. It was reported that he was indeed, intoxicated and ill. He probably needed fluids. It’s hot across the nation. Alcohol+ heat could = cardiac arrest for a young teen. The cops weren’t even forceful.

THE BIG TAKE DOWN WEEK- Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Lebron James, Drake, Derek Luke, Bill Cosby

Almost every black star has been knocked down this week

Rick Ross puts his house up for bail to get out and then releases a 50 Cent diss track, but he’s overshadowed thanks to 50 Cent interview the day before on Andy Cohen.

50 Cent loses his sex tape case and is ordered to pay 2 million more even after filing bankruptcy.

Chris Brown barely made it out of the Philipines and could have landed himself in jail overseas.

CAITLYN JENNER- Perhaps the Matriarch of Most Powerful Family in the World+ Kanye West Sneaker Line is 100!

I’m not going to lie, people are intrigued and admiring the courage of Caitlyn Jenner. She’s a BAD Mutha.

The reason why I say this is because she’s tough and is not afraid to check folks, her family and just about anyone if she has to in the name of her plight to gain equal rights for transgender people.

Now when she walked into a public woman’s bathroom everyone probably had their conversations in their family household.

SAD NEWS: Bobbi Kristina Joins Mom Whitney Houston in Heaven- RIP

whitney &bobbi-450x600

Bobbi Kristina Joins Mom Whitney Houston in Heaven- RIP 7.26.15. May an evening of silence with blank tweets  hashtag  #RIPBOBBIKRISTINA flood Twitter tonight.

There are so many people to blame for the tragic deaths of Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston. It is not a coincidence that she died the same way as her mother in a bathtub. As soon as there were reports that she was acting depressed she was found dead in her bathtub.

KIM KARDASHIAN Makes a Power Mom Move that Could Change Social Media But Some Concerns


It is no secret that Kim Kardashian is good friends with Twitter, Ryan Seacrest and top media outlets.

I don’t want to blow anyone’s cover, but this is a fact and this could be a good thing for improvement of social media, but on an inquisitive note how do we know that her endorsements of anything are really good for consumers?

WORLD PREMIERE MUSIC – SHANICE- Another Lonely Day (In California)+ 2 Same Entitled Songs That Sound Nothing Like It

Shanice wrote the song in less than 24 hours and it premiered on V103 hosted by the Big Tigger Show. A lady named Molly encouraged Shanice to write her song with the producer Dipildo and after it was completed she called up Tigger and he premiered it.

Not many people can accomplish this feat, but with singing talent like Shanice and her fake publicist, Heather Hannah, she was able to make it happen.

You will love the song and especially folks who live in California. She will more than likely change the place setting of the song to the state she tours in.

And yes, the song’s lyrics do remind you of Raphael Saadiq’s ‘It Never Rains in Southern California’, when he was part of the hit group Tone’ Tone’ Tone’, and title rings a bell when you listen to Ben Harper’s Another Lonely Day, but not the same. Whew!

EVELYN LOZADO’s Daughter Reveals Her Moms Real Age by Accident

On Living Lozado, Evelyn mentions that her daughter Shaniece got her dog at 12 years old. The doctor mentions the dog is 15 years old.

So this means Shaniece is a whopping 27 years old. Add 16 years to Shaniece’s age being that Evelyn Lozado says she had her daughter at 16 years old, which means Evelyn Lozado is 43 years old.

JEALOUSY OR LOVE SICK???? CHRIS BROWN- Caught Calling Rihanna His B*TCH FOR LIFE Overseas + Goes Ham on Her MEGA HIT SONG

Chris Brown is living the life of a bonafide rockstar, but may be out of control since his crash weight loss after breaking free from prison.

The international superstar, although just seems like a homie around the way in America, may be feeling depressed looking back at his life events and feelings of guilt over his violent break up with Rihanna and now Karrueche who has released a shocking video called PRIDE. If you haven’t hear, the cover has a huge X on the letter I. Karrueche began as a personal fashion consultant. Now his baby mama wants more child support money.



Can  Foxy Brown live? Pioneering and talented Hip Hoptress, Foxy Brown, who survived a male dominated music industry or predators,  fought her way to the top despite a media take down on her across the board because she doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone, now faces a devastating and insensitive pop shots from BLACK MEDIA?

How sad and hypocritical of media that proposes to stand for black advancement and made pop shots at Foxy Brown’s performance at Brooklyn’s Hip Hop festival. The brown skinned bombshell who reps for black beauty simply suffered a miscue due to a hearing impairment.





How many times have you watched a movie on the big screen and caught a actor with an unsightly pimple on their forehead or chin for every scene, or very pronounced fine wrinkles around the lips or deep crow feet wrinkles on the eyes? Not that wrinkles aren’t beautiful on sweet natured faces, but we’re talking about maintaining longevity in a very volatile industry that spits you out when you age.

You can’t complain that there are no jobs in Hollywood when one isn’t taking care of their skin and especially the face. Here are ten tips for actors visiting the site so that you’ll look gorgeous on the big screen and not aged, older and tired than your actually years of age. DIVAXOXO’s Yes, Miss Disilgold cares.