A Bunch of Women Get Together to SKINNY BASH Victoria Secret Models?

If everyone was meant to be a model there would be no need for auditions, but the reality is that models have to be much more than thin, but interesting and odd enough to attract viewers, readers, buyers to the number one goal of why there are models and that’s to sell clothes and fashions, plus bring out buyers to fashion shows.

The increase in number sales when beautiful and fit models are used to sell clothes doesn’t lie. And fitness and beauty come in many shades, colors and sizes which every designer is free to utilize whatever models they want and if you don’t like their media campaign just don’t buy their clothes.

Fashion designers don’t have to be charity cases at risk of losing business and failing. yes, I wish there was a greater representation of clothing of fashions, but what I really wish for was that there was better quality in clothes in stores.

Models aren’t always drop dead gorgeous in real life. They acquire a look with clothes, makeup, fitness and exercise. That oddity requires a certain quirkiness mixed with confidence.

Some people want fashion lines to fail at the expense of hiring anyone to model to be politically correct, but maybe the fashion industry that is failing should just stop using models altogether and just throw the clothes on props because these right wing interest groups are really pushing the edge at the expense of models who do work hard to keep their bodies fit and aren’t always the pretty ones growing up.

So now let’s all create a hate campaign against Victoria Secret models who made it to the top and jeer at them with skinny insults. Can people get in the door and feel deserving of their accomplishments because they are hired to model. Do we really have to skinny bash Victoria Secret models to make a point.

Society continues to steal the joy of everyone somewhere in their lives because they worked to get there. Watch the senseless video here and the models are just exploiting their unfit bodies for financial gain. They could care less about the Victoria Secret models lives and what they have to go through to stay fit, so it seems. These videos punish models for seeming perfect.

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