There was something funny, warm, touching and undeniably charming about Good Deeds, another 15 million dollar grossing debut weekend movie by Tyler Perry, who this time was the main attraction in this modern day romance drama. However, every actor like in other movies by Tyler Perry  made a name for themselves if not already with provocative and compelling performances  I won’t hesitate to say are a force to wreck with upcoming best actor or supporting actor categories.

Phylicia  Rashad (mother) was unequivocally the “brow beat” mother who births two sons,  Wesley Deeds, (Tyler Perry) and Walter Deeds (Brian White) bound by brotherhood on the surface, but one  the bitter child , Walter Deeds, played by no other than  (Brian White).

Walter Deed (Brian Whites) animosity for his brother grows with hatred  day-by-day and you can feel his scorn though the screen as the one who saved  his brother’s life as a youth, but gets no respect. he intently watches Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry) get all of the accolades and gain favor with cutting edge deals in Corporate America that would make any mother gloat with affection for one son over the other.

Tyler perry (Wesley Deeds) doesn’t realize his brother Walter Deeds (Brian White)  growing  resentment until he calls out his soon to be  married brother’s extra pre- marital  fondness toward his own building employee and   janitor Lindsay Wakefield (Thandie Newton).

The ‘not- so -sure -of- himself ‘brother (Walter Deeds)  has fallen out of love with his new fiancee’ Natalie (Gabrielle Union) lately, and   who belittles him about being “predictable or in other words, boring.  His feelings of dejection grow as Natalie (Gabrielle Union) doesn’t even get enraged over finding a blonde hair in their bed from another woman.

Her excuse, Tyler perry ( Walter Deeds)  would never cheat on her. Fed up with his fiancee’s lack of enthusiasm  he gets dap with sporty gear, flips on Tupac’s “How do You Want it” and dances unsurprisingly very well,  but seem to not only enjoy being a glutton for abuse by his fiancee’  Natalie (Gabrielle Union), but the more verbally abusive Lindsay Wakefield  (Thandie Newton) whose main concern seems to be to provide for her child as a homeless mother while working in Walter Deeds (Tyler Perry)  building as a janitor.

The scene stealers that make Good Deeds a top notch movie to buy on DVD after it runs its course are those “fools gold” scenes as Tyler awaits one day for  Lindsay Wakefield (Thandie Newton ) to meet with some mysterious family member  while awaiting in her vehicle, but it’s all a cover up to lure  Tyler Perry away  so he doesn’t find out she is homeless.

Just when you thought this movie with several  tear jerker scenes couldn’t get any more sentimental, Tyler who now knows Lindsay Wakefield (Thandie Newton) entire situation offers her an apartment in a plush pad with no strings attached.

Of course, nothing in life is for free as Thandie’s character reasons and even with an offer to run away with Tyler Perry , she rejects the best thing in her life. Somehow you wonder if this movie is Tyler Perry’s way of vicariously acting out his plight as a rich man who isn’t sure if he can trust love.

A  realistic  movie despite Brian White’s “My brother , my keeper” sci fi moments as he turns into an unforgettable Dr. Jeckyl and Mr Hyde  toward the end or just spoiled rotten, you are going to find hard to dislike because he plays his role so well, you will better understand why Tyler Perry ,  is repping for the rich men in this movie for a change. He  may even snatch himself an Oscar this time around.

Good Deeds was such a fulfilling movie  I actually empathized with the rich man’s plight and for that, Good Deeds scores a solid ten rating.

Anything less coming from a critic is obviously a ploy  against rich men.’Good Deeds’ is what consistent all star cinematic movies are all about. I wanted to see a part two, part three and even left with a thought about Gabrielle Union, Brian White, Phylicia Rashad, Thandie Newton, Beverly Johnson, Jordenn Thompson, Rebecca Rominjn, all superb actors. The actors in Tyler Perry films have so much more to offer, but you love that they shine in Tyler Perry’s films where  all  Good Deeds, indeed get noticed in this movie.

For that Good Deeds ‘bombs’ with a successful debut which means ‘SUCCEED’ at Disilgold. Stay tuned for more cast member pics. I am totally aware that the critics opposed to the movie came here to acquire highlights of a negative review, but there isn’t anything negative to say. And- please alert your friends about the new definition of the word,”BOMBS” here at Disilgold where we take negativity and turn it into productivity.

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