DISILGOLD.COM NEXT MUSIC- Jared Lee -It’s Over Premiere

Something like a heartthrob dream for the ladies and a nightmare you gotta love  to those suffering in failed relationships with that tough love ‘It’s Over,’ Breakup Anthem of the Year,   Jared Lee answers his calling as the next Disilgold SOUL to leap into unchartered bounds in the music world.

Already, people are comparing the handsome camper to the male antithesis of Taylor Swift break up anthems, but he’s ruder in a kind natured way. What is even more painstakingly surprising is that Jared Lee’s voice synonymously reminds you of just about every top charting pop artist on the market and he kills the U2 homage at end. Just listen to “It’s Over”  carefully. The vocals on Jared Lee are universal.

Jared Lee is showing his range of voice, his passion for his craft and  stating a message that maybe people weren’t ready for in 2011 when he arrived, but now craving because It’s Over solidifies he’s not just a one song rising star. If  his upcoming album is anything like Jared’s new break up anthem we’re going to hear his name over and over until mainstreamed artists begin to  request to collaborate.

Upon listening to a few of Jared’s songs we already can hear how Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and artists like Pia Toscano can lend their vocals to his simmering hits that touch upon RnB without apology. Music is color blind in 2013 as artists from all nationalities merge into the RNB world to restore the music responsible for the baby boom generation, but first we got to get over the break ups. Jared Lee is the answer and something like Soul Therapy.

However,  I  wonder what gives a singer  like Jared Lee the passion to write heartbreak anthems and  I  also, couldn’t help Twitter him with hints of possible ties to  American Idols, Pia Toscano. Jared was light -hearted about our tweet, but make sure your a fan before you come at him like that. He’ll sing a song about you in his next song.  For now, Jared is taking over and the world is on stand by. He’s a good guy according to his spotless image via Google for now, but his songs are wretchedly shock therapy to those who had a hearthrob like Jared and lost him. Thank goodness his song isn’t about me. Whew!  We’re afraid who to ask Jared who he wrote this song about. Maybe we;ll get clues on the upcoming album.

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