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Hip Hop Artist Drake switches it up with an all singing, non-rapping track on Hold On We’re Going Home and no one can really believe it.

Looks like when Chris Brown offered a pop shot via Twitter back at Drake stating that, “And I thought I was the one who could sing,” Drake fired back with a bonafide hit that could put him at the top in sales for his upcoming Nothing Was the Same album.

Miss Disilgold.com projects the album will sell and unprecedented 1.5 million copies bringing in heavyweights from all musical genres.

He’s got the diehard Hip Hop listeners already at 1 million listeners, a strong female base of supporters since his Aaliyah tribute and remarkable new group of working middle class folks who appreciate his versatility as an artist.

Drake has taken the Hip Hop community by storm with a feel good vibe making a strong impact on radio stations and unsurprisingly, Hip Hop radio stations.

However, will theHip Hip community give Drake problems singing his latest all singing hit at Hip Hop events which greatly shunned Nicki Minaj from singing her equally upbeat songs minus rap just a year ago.

Perhaps, Drake realizes that the crossover effect not only forces Hip Hop listeners to appreciate all music, but shows that a Hip Hop artist can sing pop and Rnb. Hip Hop is everything and perhaps, will never be the same thanks to Drake.

He sounds remarkably good in a less heard tenor voice that arrived with perfect timing. Hold On We’re Going Home solidifies Drake as an artist who can carry his own weight. By the way, how do you like Drake’s million dollar pad complete with waterfalls. We’re not making this stuff up folks.

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