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K. Michelle had a serious nip slip on national air on the Wendy Williams Show via daytime tv. Looks like K Michelle’s dress was designed to conveniently fall off. The show producer, Wendy Williams hubby failed to blur the nip slip. Hmmm, looks like Mr. Hunter was busy looking and not doing his job.

After K. Michelle performed Wendy verbally punched her left and right with upper cut comments saying her behind was big (diss number 1), She looks like Keyshia Cole (Diss no.2) and then putting her business OUTCHEA (Is that the word?) and blasting her baller on national air.(Diss 3).

To add further insult to injury, she fumbled on K. Michelle album release date which I believe is August 13th, please don’t quote me.

It’s conveniently called, Rebellious Soul. Hey , Disilgold SOUL Mag likes that.Go K. August 13th. Got it.

Finally, did you notice Literary Diva Wendy Williams looked extra hotSHOTTY today. Someone let me know what dress brand that was because I want one. Got to go. missDisilgold

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