PSY GANGDUM Reign Under Fire Due to Death Threats to Americans In Past Music

World phenomenon PSY got everyone’s attention with his GANGDUM youtube viral sensation and got a big endorsement performing his hit with MC HAMMER on VMA’s show, but now a 1995 song has been released. The singer is chanting, “Kill those Yankees,” which is inevitably reference to Americans.

 With all America has endured since the 2001 World Trade Center bombings, you wonder if PSY’S song was taken to heart and the reason for neighboring terrorist threats executed on American lives. To add to the artist’s worries, people are questioning if PSY’s former song is criminalistic in nature.  AFter all, just imagine HItler, a dictator releasing a viral hit song and has killed hundreds and thousands of human lives due to personal bias and discrimination.

It’s worth breaking Psy’s albums so it seems, but not so fast, the artist has gone on record to state he is sorry for his past actions and write it in response to a past war leading Americans to kill innocent victims in retaliation of terrorist attacks. I understand his frustrations. It’s a touchy situation when footage is released of kids and innocent people getting killed in cross fire. I cannot condemn this talented star who has brought so much joy to music listeners and unified countries globally. While his past song is unforgivable, how one corrects their mistakes is to be commended, not condemned. Let PSY’s music keep getting better. – MISS DISILGOLD.COM

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    PSY GANGDUM Reign Under Fire Due to Death Threats to Americans In Past Music: World phenomenon PSY go…