SINGLE LADIES- Lauren London Has Sex Tape

On the last episode of Single Ladies, guest star Lauren London admits to guest star Flex Alexander that she has a sex tape, but of course, not with her hubby running for political office, but with a past fling who is doing everything he can to frame her. Her honesty does not deflect Flex away from her but draws him closer as Lauren London offers to stay away if necessary so his campaign isn’t affected.  

Okay now let’s get into this post about the tv show over all thus far….(Single Ladies fans may not want to read this post which offers a comprehensive assessment of  last week’s episode)

I tuned in to a scripted, day time drama type episode this past week  of Single Ladies produced by Queen Latifah, and  which season 2 rolled in on Memorial Day with new cast member, Denise Vasi, who plays Raquel. As much as you want to support the actress for her drop dead gorgeous beauty as a black woman,  her look  leaves no room for improvement sad to say, and perhaps Denise Vasi is too perfect to find any imperfections which tv viewers these days seem to relate to more. There is nothing to talk about or criticize. You can’t even make a pop shot at Denise which media and blogs love to have accessible, so you may not hear much about Denise. This could be a curse for the show marketing wise this season.  It’s bad enough DirecTV dismissed VH1, MTV and BET.

To further explain my disgruntlement with last week’s episode only and without seeming critical, Denise Vasi voice is hum drum and personality on air lacks lustre or substance just like the air headed personality of  Stacy Dash who formerly played the same role type. I am not amused by characters of this type on shows and may I reiterate that I am not talking about these actresses in real life. Unlike blogs and media who may take offense to celebrities who put all blogs and media in a box and set out on a hate campaign, my views are simply my opinions and nothing more than an assessment of the tv episode and acting.

Actresses who can’t take criticism leave no room to grow and while some opinions these days are just mean spirited, mine comes from my time spent watching a tv show that just didn’t measure up to my expectations as a former viewer of the show when afforded the time, that’s all. I do know every viewer’s opinion counts and any entertainment out there should strive to reach every viewer in a positive way to grow and prosper. As an author, I was confronted by people who simply hated poetry, but I knew it was my job to construct poetry that would make a believer in every new poetry lover once they read my work.  I try not to sugar coat reviews and be as honest as possible.

 It may be wrong for me to say that Denise Vasi in character as Raquel  is no Evelyn-Lozado Johnson.

Either you are bringing fire to a show on a  network like VH1 or your water.  Denise Vasi is neither nor in character as Raque. While I will  give justice to the writing of the show in all fairness I’m going to state why Denise Vasi should not have replaced Stacy Dash .  I won’t be surprised if many after watching last week’s episode tune in at the exact time to watch Love & Hip Hop which airs right after Single Ladies. 

Denise Vasi as Raquel  whole vibe seemed clueless and out of touch, and alos like she was acting instead of truly enveloping her own emotions as a once single woman  perhaps. Maybe someone got to her emotionally on the set, but something is not right and it’s real bad.

You can’t feel the soul of this actress  and although she is  fashion savvy, changes hairstyles, shoes, clothes and sports over all fitness, she doesn’t make you jealous. Wasn’t the purpose of replacing an actress like Stacey Dash with Denise Vasi to provoke extreme jealousy and hatred among female watchers and isn’t this the formula on  how you get millions to tune in.  Females see something they don’t have and they want it, but for Denise Vasi,   her character isn’t screaming let’s all be her and dress like her. The problem could be  something as simple as the pitch of her voice or that she is trying to o hard to act. There, I said it.

To be a female in this era one has to be fierce, loud and flamboyant to be heard or be forgotten. Don’t get mad at the messenger. These are the signs of the time where the underdog wins. Look at Big Ang on air. Who knew?

I have watched shows arrive and go and those that stay on maintain that ‘bad girl’ image somewhere among the cast or simply won’t survive. While I appreciated the light heartedness of the dialogue on Single Ladies, today’s woman may already be poisoned by characters like Snookie, Nene Leakes and the ‘mean queens of tv, of course who are nothing like the images on tv as we all know. I happen to adore these person-a-gata images. They bring that heat and not irreplaceable.

These vixen watchers  tuning in are intent on knocking down the ‘good girls’ on tv as nitwits with no sense and this is just the image I don’t like attached to the good girl type longing to get away from her mother’s expectations of the men she dates, but promiscuously falls into lustful sex sessions with ‘bad boy’ type men.

A common scenario among most single ladies, the episode I tuned into infused steamy ballads during its most hot and heavy scenes of today’s RnB artists like Goapele’s Play, thus enriching  lack luster dialogue  which offers a twist and desensitize’s tv watchers from in-your-face story plots of reality tv shows.However, the superficiality  of   gimmicky music, fashion and inclusion of star studded appearances by actors and actresses like La La Anthony, T.I., Chilli, Eve, Lauren London, Rick Fox, Big Boi, Paula Patton, and Romeo Miller . Even these top draw names may not be able to save this show written like a big celebrity black book of who’s who in Hollywood, but slightly unfocused and too overwhelming to follow week to week. What’s tricky is that very effective characters like LisaRaye and the producer Queen Latifah herself who is expected to appear as well are infused into the story lines and who seem to  downgrade their potential with amateur cast, including A list celebrity guest appearances that aren’t necessary. You can’t mix apples with oranges. 

Let’s focus on story content first instead of stretching the employment line like a charity case or banking on who will make an appearance to bring clout to a storyline that right now,  lacks the newcomer actress to make it work with effectiveness. If it isn’t too late to write Denise Vasi off then show producers may want to do so and quickly or bring back a stronger Raquel character..

I am trained to watch boring  tv shows because I can sit for hours with self control and read novels in one sitting. That kind of discipline is far fetched with today’s viewers who hate to torture themselves and will tuen the channel at a drop of  dime.  If millions tune in regardless next week to see Single Ladies, it won’t be because all of the cast is the best cast on tv, but rather the newcomer seriously needs acting lessons and quick on being real to one’s self on the screen. Who is Denise Vasi. 

It’s never about you or looking perfect for the camera’s it’s about being true to one’s character. If you are going to be all frigid during a sex scene with Goapele’s Play in the background you need to work it and get out of your own head. Seriously, all women put their heads back and moan when  our men kiss our bodies. That’s all?  Either someone is out of touch on what a relationship between a man and woman looks like on a screen or is writing a script based on experiences they never had with a real man. The sex scene bombed.

 Any relationship on tv should feel believable. You got a cable \ Satellite network, a scripted show on at prime time and writing like a Harelequin romance novel for virgins.? Come on Queen Latifah... read a real urban book honey and get some writers on the show . Less is best. Don’t impress your viewers, impress yourself. If this is any advice I have ever given to a producer I have made myself as clear as possible because you only get oen shot with opportunities like this and if I didn’t care I would lie and say Single Ladies last episode was great, but then you watch the high grade movies LisaRaye and Queen Latifah have starred in, you do   ay WTF is this show doing on air? I hope everyone isn’t being restricted.

For some reason I don’t think LisaRaye and Queen Latifah have as much say on final production of these episodes as  it appears. If I tune in again it will be a miracle and if so, I hope it’s a better episode. You know a a show needs work when a guest star stands out more than the cast  a la Lauren London. Her role was memorable, Denise Vasi’s role is replaceable and don’t think I am the only critic and producer who believes this.

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